Completed Signature Projects

St. Helena Catholic Church

Seismic retrofit to the St. Helena Catholic Church. Project includes removal and reinstallation of exterior work and interior finishes for the same seismic work. Seismic Upgrade and Restoration of original stone church was built in 1887 and reconstructed in 1946. The scope includes drilled piers, perimeter grade and tie beams around the exterior of the church. Removal of existing stone, cut back and reinstallation of stone buttresses after concrete butress have been installed. The balance of exterior work includes ADA compliance at entry areas and ramps. Interior scope includes - 3 story demolition and installation of shot crete at Nave and entry and baptistry. Misc interior shot crete, structural bond beams, anchors and foundation assemblies thru out the church. Finishes - Interior plaster at new shot crete walls, rebuild of choir loft , confessional booths and altar modifications, flooring and repaint of interior of structure in it's entirety. All concrete frame and finish carpentry work completed by Bruce Tucker Construction employee's.




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Downtown Joe's

Downtown Joe'sRetrofit & Remodel: Complete the interior seismic upgrade of the facility while allowing the owner to continue operation with the exception of food service while the kitchen is down to complete the retro fit at those areas. The work will involve new interior footings at perimeter locations, red iron frame on the Main Street facing elevation and anchoring / tie back of roof to exterior masonry walls. The project will incorporate a new solar system in an effort for the owner to decrease his operating expences. The project will also consist of new women's and men's restroom facilities and other plumbing, mechaincal and electrcal upgrades.  

Oakcreek at Silverado

The Oakcreek at Silverado Condominium Upgrade Project includes 24 clusters totaling 100 units of one and two story structures. These units were built in the mid 70's with exterior T - 111 siding and 2x4 trim. The scope for our work is to remove existing weather damaged siding, decks and stairs. Investigate and repair any dry rot to existing structures. Install new windows, sliding glass doors and entry doors prior to the installation of Certainteed trim, siding and painting of exterior items. We will also be working with individual unit owners to expand wood and concrete decks, fireplace niche's and interior improvements as desired.



Riverfront Storefronts

At the Napa River Front project currently we are contracted to complete 4 units of wood framed storefront assemblies. The theme that the owner is looking for is to have an old time storfront feel as people stroll by the project. We will be self performing with our own forces all wood storefront frames, stops and exterior trim assemblies.

Other Signature Projects

City of Napa

Coca-Cola of North America (Am Can Beverage)
Construction of a new blend room production area within an operating facility.

Foster Kids Home of Napa

Napa Historical Society

Napa Register 

Sonoma Valley Land Trust
Seismic retrofit of the historic Glen Oaks Residence in Sonoma. Project included the securing of the roof of the structure to the unreinforced masonry walls and bracing five masonry chimneys.

Wine Spectator